Recruitment Workflow

Track the progress of every vacancy and candidate. Maintain structure in your hiring process.

Easy-to-use Pipeline

Having a talent pipeline in place allows you to nurture and build relationships with prospective candidates well in advance of a specific role opening up.

Pipeline a practical way to visualize your hiring process across time. Design pipeline that fit for the job as you need. Easily move candidates between workflow stages with simple drag and drop action.

HireIZI for Success and Development!

  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Fill vacancies faster
  • Take the pressure off your hiring team
  • Make better hires

CV Parsing

A powerful parsing system reads different resume formats and organizes them on candidates’ profiles.

A large amount of resumes is no problem with HireIZI. With a couple of minutes and clicks, your data will reside neatly in the system.

Talent Pools

Source and organize a strong prospective candidate pipeline ahead of demand under HireIZI.

Manage all the resume, candidate’s information, qualifications, experience, skill sets, etc in a holistic candidate profile interface.

Gmail Integration

Keep all candidate communication in one accessible location. Give your whole hiring team visibility of candidate communication.

Email templates are auto-sent to candidates as well as notify you whenever they apply for a job. saving time and ensuring consistency of messaging.        


Real time and historical recruitment data show in the report will get you to gain insights into your hiring strategy and improve accordingly.

Always measure the success and effectiveness of your candidate sourcing efforts. Let the data show you the way for better hiring.

More to explore!

Job Management

Easily create and manage all the jobs. Schedule internal and external job opening and closing dates in advance.

Mass Import

Import an existing list of candidates or prospects into your database.


Never forget about the manual interview invitations and scheduling cause there is our system notify for you.