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You can sign up here

First: choose your team size.

Second: provide your information, company name and its logo. HireIZI automatically generate a link using your company name that you can use it to login.

Finally: From the home page you can access login page, the link generated when signed up is required.

HireIZI was borned to support start-up, young, small and medium companies to manage their hiring better with our online recruitment application. Thus, we offer free subscription for any team of only ONE recruiters with almost all features that a recruiter would need for their job on HireIZI’s online recruitment application.

HireIZI online recruitment application provides import feature so that you can import your database in .CSV file to your HireIZI account and then use it so on. Field matching is available for your easier importing.

Your data is always yours. You can take it back anytime you want if you stop using HireIZI online recruitment application. But, please don’t, we will miss you!

We do appreciate if you inform us bug/error you see when using HireIZI online recruitment application. You can report bug/error to us on our contact form or click on “customer support” at the bottom of the screen after you log in.

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