Find and Select

Find the right candidates and build a qualified shortlist in no time at all.

Speed and accuracy are “must-have” requirements when come to searching. At HireIZI, you can quickly reach out to potential candidates for any particular job opening through our executive search solution.

Technology built for a modern recruiter!

  • Effective sourcing
  • Build candidates pool
  • Identify potential candidates
  • Speedy and exactly

Filters Search

We divide full the list based on different common criteria which allow you to sort your search to find results quickly. Choose which filters want to show with just a click. 

Filters sorting placed on the top right of every list board. You can easily access it through hopper icon

By clicking to choose filters, the list will be shortened with all the results that relate to the right filters.

Dig deeper into your database by giving more details in the specified section. Click the arrow, a box will appear, type what you want to find. You can adjust the most accurate results.

Keywords Search

By typing in specific keywords about a role, skill or industry, recruiters automatically narrow down your search and relevant matches are displayed. Lead your resource to higher productivity levels (more and better results with less effort)

Search anything you want on the main search bar.

Boolean Search

Using Boolean search operators to create a complex search string, recruiters can locate a range of relevant candidates. In doing so, you minimize sourcing needs and improve the efficiency of your recruitment process.

Getting the Most Out of HireIZI Boolean Search

You can use 3 logical operators: “AND”, “OR”, “NOT”.

Use “AND” to find a candidate having in his CV all words mentioned in the query.

Use “OR” to embrace the terms with the same meaning, but called different words.

Use “NOT” to exclude unnecessary words or phrases from the search results.

Operator “NOT” has to be used in the end of the search query.

In case you need to find several words or the whole phrase, put them into quotation marks “ ”.

Don’t use the same logical operator twice or more in one query. Use brackets () to group the search parameters and to prioritize them.

With the addition of more Boolean operators, a search becomes more specific, producing candidates that fit the required criteria.

Wildcard Search

Sometimes you don’t know what exactly you are looking for? Here, we give you a wildcard search method. This technique helps return multiple results that match one or more other characters what you put in.

A search method to use to maximize your keywords search results in library databases. Truncates a word so that you get alternate endings.

Pro* manag*

==> project manager, project management, project managing, program manager, program management, project managing