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Tranform with HIREIZI

HireIZI is an application tracking and recruiting platform which gives a digitally transform to every aspects of a recruitment process.

Through HireIZI, attracting, engaging, nurturing top talents and so much more become effortless works.

Share Jobs

on your own career page & social network channels.

Search Profiles

whoever applied or existed in your database.

Sort & Select

best profiles and track interviews & offers.

All Advantages Within Reach


Explore and utilize your candidate database with Hireizi search function

  • Boolean search
  • Wildcard search
  • Full-text search
  • Fuzzy search
  • Filter and in-column search
  • In-document search


Keep application in hiring process overviewable & reportable and never miss important notes or activities.

  • Job management
  • Tracking application status (Qualified/Disqualified)
  • Auto-sending email to applicant corresponding to application status


Get your job description on air and sharable on social channels

  • Your own beautiful and customizable job portal
  • Screening questionnaire and workflow corresponding to applicant’s answer


Save time on sourcing candidates.

Online Profile Extractor is a Chrome extension that allows you to add profile of potential candidates directly from web pages without having to type their information manually and associate them to your open job or talent list.


Never miss any conversations with your candidate.

Look back at your past exchange with candidates who you have been in touch and send mails and attachment directly from HireIZI.

And, there are more to explore!

Team calendar

Notifications & Reminders

Contact Management

Client Management

Self-serve Import CSV

Self-serve Export CSV

Self-serve Bulk Resume Parsing

VN & EN Language Support

Come and join us


HireIZI help you approach the right potential candidates quickly and cut down time to fill up a job


HireIZI will assist you with boring tasks so that you can focus on better hiring, planning and managing.


Don't force yourself to do the hard work alone. Let HireIZI handles a part of the burden of the job.

Let's grow together